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Shanguo Yao


BS in Crop Science, College of Agriculture, Anhui Agricultural University
MS in Plant Genetics and Breeding, College of Agriculture, Nanjing Agricultural University
MS in Plant Genetics and Breeding, Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Kagawa University, Japan


Employment History

Technician in Xuanzhou Agricultural Technique Extension Station, Anhui
Agronomist in Hefei Fengle Seed Company, Ltd., Anhui
Research fellow in Graduate School of Biological Sciences, Hokkaido University, Japan
Research Associatein Rice Gene Research Subteam, Hokuriku Research Center, NARO, Japan
Principle Investigator in Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS, Beijing

Research Interest
Abiotic stress such as salinity and low temperature is the major obstacle that greatly constraint the productivity, sustainability, and quality of rice in north China. Genes responsible for abiotic stress resistance are being considered to be multiple QTLs, and the rapidly developed rice molecular genetics and functional genomics have led to the identification of a few of the major QTLs, providing a new opportunity to improve the abiotic stress tolerance of rice plants.
Varietal differences for abiotic stress tolerance have long been reported, and the recent finding of mutants with improved abiotic stress tolerance suggests that mutagenesis may be an effective way in creating excellent genetic resources for rice abiotic stress tolerance. Our future research will focus on: (1) Excavate and develop genetic resources of abiotic stress tolerance; (2) Fine-mapping the major QTLs responsible for abiotic stress tolerance and develop QTL-linked molecular markers for MAS breeding of new japonica rice varieties; (3) Cloning and functional characterization of the QTLs, clarifying the mechanisms underlying the abiotic stress tolerance.

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3、Guo, M., Wang, R., Wang, J., Hua, K., Wang, Y., Liu, X., Yao, S. (2014) ALT1, a Snf2 family chromatin remodeling ATPase, negatively regulates alkaline tolerance through enhanced defense against oxidative stress in rice. PLoS One, 9: e112515. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0112515.
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