Molecular Agrobiology



Huabang Chen

Maize Genetics & Breeding



Xiangdong Fu

Hormonal Regulationt of Plant Development and Stress Responses



Caixia Gao

Modifying plant genomes for basic research and crop improvement



Fangpu Han

Plant Chromosome biology



Zanmin Hu

Plant Molecular Breeding



Yunhai Li

Plant Molecular and Developmental Biology



Zhensheng Li

Wide hybridization between wheat and Thinopyrum ponticum



Hongqing Ling

Molecular Biology of Plant Nutrition



Zhiyong Liu

Wheat genomics, genetics and breeding



Fei Lu

genomics and quantitative genetics



Qianhua Shen

Biology of Plant Microbe Interactions



Zhixi Tian

Principal Investigator



Yiping Tong

Genetics of Plant Nutrition



Daowen Wang

Genetic Basis and Molecular Improvement of Important Agronomic Traits



Jun Xiao



Yongbiao Xue

Plant Molecular and Reproductive Biology



Wenxue Zhai

Plant Molecular Genetics and Molecular Breeding



Aimin Zhang

Wheat Molecular Breeding



Baoge Zhu

Genetic Engineering and Molecular Breeding of Soybean