Center for Genome Biology



Bai Yang

Plant Microbiome



Xiaofeng Cao

Plant Epigenetics



Mingsheng Chen

Plant Comparative Genomics



Shouyi Chen

Molecular Mechanisms of Abiotic Stress Response in Higher Plants



Zhukuan Cheng

Plant Molecular Cytogenetics



Chengcai Chu

Plant Gene Regulation and Rice Functional Genomics



Yuling Jiao

Plant development and pattern formation



Chuanyou Li

Molecular mechanisms governing jasmonate actions



Liang Chengzhi

Genomics and Bioinformatics



Jiayang Li

Developmental biology and metabolic pathways of higher plants



Lin Shaoyang

Rice Molecular Breeding



Guodong Wang

Plant metabolism



Yonghong Wang

Molecular basis of plant architecture



Qi Xie

Protein Ubiquitination and Plant Stress Biology



Shanguo Yao

Rice genetics and Breeding



Jinsong Zhang

Ethylene signaling and stress response



Jianmin Zhou



Yihua Zhou

Molecular Mechanism in Plant Cell Wall Metabolism and Formation



Lihuang Zhu

Molecular Genetics in Plant Development and Disease Resistance



Zhen Zhu

Plant Functional Genomics and Genetic Engineering Technology



Jianru Zuo

Cytokinin Signal Transduction and Programmed Cell Death